Winterizing your Landscape
As cooler temperatures set in, it is very important to remember to prepare your plants for the cold. Most landscape plants used in the area are cold hardy, and will not require too much preparation.

One notable exception to this is the palm tree. Palm trees are only cold hardy down to about 20 degrees, and the mercury does sometimes dip below that. The best thing to do for your palm trees is to wrap them in burlap. Get some burlap and twine, and wrap all around the trunk of the palm. At this point, do not worry about the fronds. Palm trees grow from a central core, and it is very important to keep that core from getting too cold. Another tip is to take regular (not L.E.D.) twinkle lights and wrap them all around the trunk of the palm. If it is supposed to freeze, just plug in the lights. Doing this keeps the trunk warm enough to not freeze.
The other plants that may need some attention during the colder months are woody perennials and deciduous shrubs. Plants like esperanza and lantana and most perennials should be cut all the way back as soon as they go dormant and covered with mulch. When in doubt, better safe than sorry.

If you truly do not know which plants to protect, make a list and feel free to bring it to us. We will be glad to let you know how to protect your investment.