Summer in Texas can feel a bit like a horror movie. Not only is the heat excruciating, but the mosquitoes seem just about big enough to carry you off. But have no fear! There are many products that you can use to make your yard more livable during those hot buggy months.
The Return Of the Mosquito...dun, dun, duhhnn
Bonide makes a product called Mosquito Beater in a hose-end spray. We have two different products from Nature's Guide, Garlic Concentrate and Mosquito Repellent. Both of these are all natural and safe around children and pets.

For those with ponds or water features, we carry Mosquito Bits and Dunks from Summit. Whatever your need, we have a solution.
For those who prefer a greener method of repelling mosquitoes, we have Citronella plants, lemon grass, basil, and all sorts of mints. The fragrance of these plants is a great natural mosquito deterrent.