Attack of the Killer Weeds...eek!
At least that is how it feels sometimes in the spring when our yards are overrun with weeds. By concentrating on prevention in the winter months, you can significantly cut down on the invaders, and win the war.
There are ways to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn and landscape in the spring. The best solution is prevention, which is easier than it sounds. There are pre-emergent weed killers for both lawns and flowerbeds. By using these products, you keep any weed seeds from germinating, and can effectively prevent most weeds from appearing. These products will not kill existing weeds. You will need post-emergent killers for those, or just dig them up.
If you plan to seed either your lawn or your flowerbeds, you need to wait until at least a couple of months after you apply a pre-emergent, so that the chemicals will not kill the seeds that you WANT to grow.