Protect Your Investment
With Winter weather so unpredictable, don't forget to protect your fountains and statuary from the elements.
Here are some winter care tips:

Do not try to run fountains in freezing temperatures.

Drain the water completely from all fountain basins. Remove any plugs so that water cannot collect. If possible, flip any basins upside down. If this is not possible, make sure that the basin is covered with plastic or a tarp.

Remove the pump from the fountain and bring it indoors if possible.

Resin statuary is more susceptible to freezing temperatures than concrete, so anything that is light enough to be moved into a protected location should be.

Birdbath basins should be upended so that they cannot collect water.

You should never leave any sort of pedestal or statue to stand in water over the winter. If the water freezes, it is likely to cause damage.