The Butterfly Effect
It is that time of year again; the arrival of spring means an increase in severe weather. Between wind, torrential rain, and hail your plants and decorations are in for a bit of a beating. Taking steps now to prevent damage will help tremendously.
The thing most likely to be damaged in severe weather is yard decor. This includes fountains, statues, and birdbaths. Since severe weather can pop up pretty quickly, we suggest that you start making a preemptive effort to protect your things now. First move anything made of fiberglass or resin under cover. Many fountains and statues are made of this material and are likely to suffer hail damage if left out in the open. Also, because they are more lightweight, the strong winds we get with storms can toss them around. Secondly, we suggest flipping birdbath basins over to prevent the wind from catching them. The concrete basins are heavy, but the wind can get pretty strong. Lastly, anything that is too heavy or bulky to be moved still needs protection. Keeping a couple of tarps and bungees ready will allow tou to cover you decor more quickly in the event of a sudden storm.
Decorations are not the only things in your yard that can suffer the wrath of a spring storm. Plants can take a beating too.
The strong winds that accompany storm fronts can break branches off of shrubs and trees. To prevent damage to your vehicles or your home, make sure that all the dead wood is removed from your trees. These branches are the most likely to break and cause damage. Also be sure to keep any large branches cut back from the house and the driveway.
The plants lower to the ground are less likely to suffer wind damage, but can get pretty torn up in a hailstorm. Just like with the tarp for your decor, keep some tarps, blankets, or sheets close by so that your plants can be covered up quickly if necessary. Use bricks or medium size rocks to weigh them down; concentrating on the side the wind is coming from.

Now, we cannot guarantee that some things might not still get damaged in a spring storm. However, by using these tips, you can try to limit the amount of damage incurred.