Got Weeds?
If you have a yard the odds are pretty good that you have weeds.
The best defense against weeds is thick healthy turf grass. The thicker your grass the less water, light, nutrient, and soil surface there is for weeds to germinate and grow. We know that this is a challenge in a lot of yards but we are here to help. There are two main types of weeds found in lawns; Broadleaf and Grassy.

Broadleaf weeds are the most visible in the yard due to the broad leaves of the plants. This includes common weeds like Dandelions, clovers, and hundreds more. Fortunately most of them can be eliminated from lawns with the application of herbicides that target these specific weed types. To control most broadleaf weeds we recommend Ferti-lome’s Weed-Out. It contains Trimec, which is a blend of three different herbicides that target a wide range of common broadleaf weeds. It comes in a liquid that can be applied with a hose-end or a pump sprayer, or in a granular form that is applied with a standard fertilizer spreader.
Grassy weeds are very abundant in most yards but are harder to detect or possibly just easier to ignore. The challenge is to eliminate them without hurting the desired turf grass in your lawn. Due to the cell structure of grasses there are certain herbicides for use in differing types of lawns. No two are the same or will work on all turf.
Your best option will be to come by and visit with one of our turf grass experts. That way you can bring in samples of your turf or weeds enabling us to pinpoint the products that will work for you.

You can prevent most weeds from coming up in your lawn throughout the year by applying pre-emergent to your yard every 90 to 180 days, depending on the product used. Pre-emergents set up a barrier at the soil level that will kill weed seeds when they start to germinate - killing the weeds before they start. Our best pre-emergent is Ferti-lome’s A-Vert. It contains three different pre-emergents, giving you the broadest spectrum of weed prevention available. A-Vert will feed and protect your lawn from grassy weed seed germination for up to 90 days and protect your lawn from broadleaf weed seed germination for up to 180 days. (Note: Pre-emergents stop all seeds from germinating. This includes any grass or garden seed you may want to plant.)

We do have organic products available for post and pre-emergent weed control in your lawn. For post emergent control we recommend spot treatment of existing weeds with a 20% vinegar spray applied directly on the weeds. For pre-emergence we recommend corn gluten meal applied at least twice a year to stop weed seed germination.